Several of our students have severe, life-threatening allergies to nuts, peanuts and nut products including peanut butter, called Anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe systemic allergic reaction, which can be fatal, resulting in circulatory collapse or shock. Since January 1, 2006, Bill 3, “Sabrina’s Law” came into affect. The WRDSB has since revised the Anaphylaxis policy and procedures to comply with Bill 3. As we have students in our school with Anaphylaxis, it is critical that we adhere to the policies and procedures outlined by the federal government and our board. Therefore, it is very important that students do not bring food containing nut products to school. Some of these students can have a reaction if they merely touch or smell nuts.

We realize that some families may be disappointed with this request, as many children favour peanut butter sandwiches over all other kinds. A good way of explaining it to your children is that this is a small sacrifice compared to a potential life and death situation.

Please note that this is inclusive to all nut products, and substitutes.  “Wow-butter”, or similar peanut butter substitutes are not permitted as they too closely resemble peanut butter in appearance.  “Nutella” contains nuts, and it is not permitted, either.

We thank you for helping to make this a safe place for all Country Hills students.