Approximately 400 students are enrolled in JK-6 at Country Hills P.S.  After completing Grade 6, students proceed to Laurentian P.S. for Grades 7 and 8 and then Huron Heights Secondary School for Grades 9-12.

Students at Country Hills come from over 40 different countries. They enjoy learning about the diverse backgrounds of their peers and celebrate the diversity of our community. We also strive to create a safe and respectful learning environment for all students.

The following student awards are given to selected students graduating from grade 6:

  1. The Ontario Principal’s Council Award given to the student who demonstrates leadership among their peers.
  2. The Victoria D’Agostino Book Award is given to a student who is viewed as having a generous and loving spirit, high athletic accomplishment, academic excellence and good citizenship.
  3. The CAMP award is given to the student who demonstrates excellent perseverance, teamwork and sportsmanship at our annual grade 6 camp in May/June.
  4. The Citizenship Award is given to students who consistently demonstrate excellent citizenship at the school and in our community.
  5. The Personal Victory Award is presented to a student who, in spite of being faced with some challenges, has achieved strong results, both academic and social.
  6. The Athletic Award is given to the student(s) having demonstrated superior athletic ability and a spirit of sportsmanship.