Pizza Orders & Lunch Lady

Pizza Monday’s

Pizza will be served at second break (1:00 p.m.) each Monday.  Pepperoni or cheese slices will be available to purchase online on School Day for $2.00 each slice, and is purchased for a month at a time.

To place your order, click on ‘Products’ and select ‘October Pizza’. You will be purchasing pizza for the 4 Monday’s in October (there is no school on October 8). Choose the type (cheese or pepperoni) and adjust the quantity for the number of slices your child would like. Add the item to the cart, and move on to the next child, if necessary. Once you are done, click on your cart to pay for the order.

The deadline for all orders and payment is Wednesday, September 26th. Late orders are not accepted.

IMPORTANT: Orders are NOT processed until they are paid in full. If you wish to send in cash, you may do so, but money must be labeled with your child’s name and the order number. This is so we can track payments and ensure your child receives their pizza on pizza day. If you indicate you are sending in cash, but we do not receive it, the order is not processed. Cheques are no longer accepted.

If you have questions, please call the school.


Lunch Program by The Lunch Lady

The Lunch Lady is proud to be offering a hot lunch service to your school. You can order online as your school is paperless now. 

The Lunch Lady serves your school on Thursdays.  

Parent Welcome Flyer

You can reach us directly at or by phone at 519-513-9858

Visit the Lunch Lady at Twitter @LunchLadyGroup, or find us on Facebook

We look forward to serving your family!